Isn’t it time to change these facts?

In per pupil funding…

Colorado ranks 40th out of 50 states. 

Durango 9-R ranks 145th out of 178 Colorado school districts. 


Take a moment to speak up for our schools. Urge our legislators to implement a sustainable plan for adequate funding.


State Senator Ellen Roberts                             

State Representative Mike McLachlan      


Senate Committee on Education

Chairman: Andy Kerr                           

Vice-chairman: Mike Johnston         

Marble, Vicki                                           

Renfroe, Scott W.                                  

Scheffel, Mark                                        

Todd, Nancy                                           

Zenzinger, Rachel                                  


House Committee on Education

Chair: Millie Hamner                            

Vice-chairman: Cherylin Peniston   

Murray, Carole                                       

Pettersen, Brittany                               

Priola, Kevin                                            

Wilson, James                                          

Young, Dave