What this grants fund supports: 
D.E.F. “Core Grants” support programs, materials and technology that cultivate life-changing learning opportunities for pre-K through Grade 12 students of Durango School District 9-R. We enthusiastically encourage fresh ideas and serious efforts to promote innovation, collaboration, achievement and excellence in the classrooms of our district.


Criteria and Instructions 
View and download complete (draft) 2017 criteria, requirements and application information.


View examples…
But please don’t be limited by them!
2016-17 Core Grants Overview
2015-16 Core Grants Overview
2014-15 Core Grants Overview
2004-2012 Large Grant Funding History


Core Grants have been awarded for the current cycle and applications will be open again in January, 2017.


Application Steps
See full criteria and instructions for details.


Step 1: Make initial inquiry.
Every D.E.F. grant begins with an inquiry to D.E.F. to discuss whether your idea/program is a fit with D.E.F. priorities. Please study our Core Grants criteria, then contact D.E.F. at 970-385-1491 or 9RFoundation@gmail.com. D.E.F. will not consider a grant request without a preliminary inquiry.


Step 2: Prepare documents.
A. Application – D.E.F. application cover sheet, available January-March 2017.
B. Narrative: Explain your request 1-3 pages maximum. There is no form for your narrative; submit it in Word or PDF.
C. Budget: Include all costs to complete the grant.
D. Other documents: If other documents are required for 9-R district review, please provide those as well.


Step 3: Submit your grant.
Durango 9-R applicants: Durango 9-R applicants will submit requests through the 9-R portal at http://finance.durangoschools.org/grants-gifts-and-donations. Discuss budget needs ahead of submittal with Carla Hotter in the 9-R Finance Department.


Applicants from outside of Durango 9-R: Submit directly to DEF either electronically or on paper.


Step 4: Confirm with us that you’ve sent it! 
Please let us know directly at (970)385-1491 or 9RFoundation@gmail.com that you have submitted a grant.


Good luck. We look forward to working together.