Creating Community

D.E.F. strives to strengthen relationships between Durango 9-R and the community.
What does that look like? 


D.E.F. Fellows Program: Teachers are expected today to be knowledgeable on a world of subjects. D.E.F. Fellows offer their professional and avocational expertise as volunteers to enhance classroom and enrichment programs. D.E.F. Fellows will be launched in fall, 2017. Coming soon,, with full information about how to become a Fellow and connect educators to the right help to enhance their programs and curricula.


Fiscal Agency: For donors who wish to contribute through a 501(c)3 non-profit to a specific department, program or need in Durango 9-R, D.E.F. can provide fiscal agency, distributing funds as desired, then tracking and reporting outcomes to the donor. This often builds a mutually rewarding bridge between a donor and the staff running the target program.  Contact Us for more information about this service. Some fees may apply.


Alumni Services: Alumni want to know the news from their alma mater. D.E.F. publicizes reunion dates and plans, offers help navigating relevant 9-R news outlets and services, and can in some cases provide information to help connect with classmates. See current postings on the “For 9-R Alumni” page.


News: D.E.F. stays on top of Durango 9-R news, reporting mission-aligned education news through our website and on Facebook and other social media.


The Education Foundation Report: Periodically, D.E.F. publishes updates specifically on the foundation’s activities, donors, plans and finances. Subscribe here or Contact Us for a print edition.


Meet Our Supporters: View our Donor Honor Roll and our In-Kind Donors pages to meet the community members who believe, as we do, that a robust education system brings social and economic well-being to our community and a bright future for our children. Our donors can state with pride that their gifts change lives.