School Liaisons

Liaison IllustrationEvery D.E.F. Trustee (along with the Executive Director) serves as a liaison to at least one Durango 9-R school, with the intention of improving¬†program service, understanding needs, and sharing communications about news, events, and–especially–successes.


Animas Valley Elementary Jerry Poer
Florida Mesa Elementary Gretchen Wilson
Fort Lewis Mesa Elementary Jean Thweatt
Needham Elementary Brady Rowland and Pat Murphy
Park Elementary Lisa Leininger
Riverview Elementary Jean Thweatt
Sunnyside Elementary Holly Zink
Escalante Middle School Barbara McLachlan and Lisa Leininger
Miller Middle School Rob Dawes and Gretchen Wilson
Durango Big Picture High School Elizabeth Testa
Durango High School Mary Stengel and Mary Kay Stewart
Pathways to Independence Elizabeth Testa
Other district school programs Elizabeth Testa



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