1. Submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) and discuss your grant proposal with the Executive Director to ensure it will be considered by the DEF Grants Committee.  
  2. Prepare & Submit your Application through our automated system.  Don’t forget to prepare your budget and include quotes – these will be the only attachment(s) you will need to upload. 
  3. Contact DEF at (970) 385-1491 or 9RFoundationGrants@gmail.com to schedule a school visit with a DEF representative to view your grant in action
  4. Submit your Post-Grant Evaluation after implementation, if your grant is funded.  Don’t forget to take photographs – obtain permission to photograph students before submitting them to DEF!!

Provide a short summary of your proposed grant to ensure your idea will be considered for a DEF Grant.

A brief Letter of Inquiry (LOI) is required prior to completing a full grant application (yes, you may apply for more than one grant). Submit your LOI as early as possible to allow for sufficient time to be reviewed. LOIs can be submitted at any time. The DEF Executive Director will contact you after your LOI has been reviewed. If your proposal appears to be a good match, we will invite you to submit a full grant application. 

Submit your Letter of Inquiry (LOI): Click Here to Access the LOI Form

Read through the Important Notes section carefully. 

Contact the Executive Director at (970) 385-1491 or 9RFoundationGrants@gmail.com for questions pertaining to the DEF Grant Application. Contact the 9-R Grant Fiscal Coordinator at (970) 946-5411 ext. 1416 for help with the overall budget and vendor information.

A post-grant evaluation is required for all awarded grants to be considered for subsequent funding and must be received within 6 months of implementation. 

The Post-Grant Evaluation allows DEF to asses the quality and/or impact of funded grants.  The evaluation should be submitted 6 months after implementation, but extensions may be requested through DEF to allow for meaningful results.  The evaluation must be received prior to making a new grant request, or within 6 months of receiving the grant, whichever comes first. 

Spring Evaluation Deadline: Monday before 9-R Spring Break

Fall Evaluation Deadline: Monday before 9-R Thanksgiving Break 

Click here to access the Post-Grant Evaluation

  • Submit your grant as early as possible; this will allow time to review and make necessary revisions to any missing information or errors.
  • An invitation to apply doesn’t guarantee DEF; and 9-R review does not guarantee DEF approval.
  • For Organizations Outside of School District 9-R: Organization must be a 501(c)3 non-profit. Grant must impact 9-R classrooms. Use of a 9-R facility or incorporation into a 9-R program will require building supervisor’s permission; please document permission(s) in your grant. Note: technology and materials purchased within this grant become property of Durango School District 9-R; exceptions can be made by DEF. 
  • 9-R Employees:  Inform and discuss your application with your Principals and/or Department Heads to ensure your item will not be funded through district funding.
  • Technology Requests: Applicants must inquire with 9-R Technology Department to ensure item(s) meet standard lists and infrastructure requirements (i.e. connectivity, Wi-Fi, installation). 
  • Prepare your budget: Contact the 9-R Grants Fiscal Coordinator at (970) 247-5411 ext. 1416 to review your budget details.  Contact the 9-R Finance Department to verify the necessary information (i.e. W-9) for your intended vendor(s) is on file with 9-R.  
  • At its discretion, DEF may require additional verification of the ability and qualifications of the grant applicant(s) to implement the proposed program.
  • Grants must be fully implemented within one year of award. Exceptions must have DEF approval.
  • Changes in the use of funds must be pre-approved by DEF.
  • A Post-Grant Evaluation is required for all awarded grants within 6 months of grant implementation.  An evaluation must be submitted before grantee can be considered for subsequent grants. 
  • Recipient will acknowledge DEF support and will allow the use of program materials and photographs for DEF publicity. Recipient must obtain student and parent/guardian (for minors) permissions prior to submitting photographs to DEF.
  • DEF loves to see grants in action.  Please contact DEF to schedule a school visit after awarded grants have been implemented. DEF can help take photographs and document your efforts for your post-grant evaluation.

For Questions, Concerns and More Information:

Diana Cruz, DEF Executive Director

Phone: (970) 385 – 1491

Email: 9RFoundationGrants@gmail.com

Durango Education Foundation, 201 E. 12th Street, Garden Level Durango, CO 81301