Grants for many purposes: D.E.F. offers four grant streams

Grants are open to any teacher, staff member or administrator in Durango School District 9-R. They are also open to other non-profit organizations with programs that serve the students in Durango 9-R. Grants are intended to assist educators in serving students of all ages, abilities, and academic interest areas.  
In giving every application close scrutiny, we consider faculty and district input, educational research, inter- and intra-school collaboration, donor preference, alignment with the Durango 9-R Strategic Plan, and the reviewing committee members’ own experience. It’s an exciting process, one that gives D.E.F. great insight into the vision our teachers and administrators hold for our schools.
Please review the criteria and information for each type of grant, then contact DEF to inquire if you idea aligns with one of our grants funds. Application cover sheet (required) and downloadable criteria are linked at the bottom of this page. Remember, every grant starts with a call or email to DEF! This is more than a courtesy, and this simple step may result in a better grant for you. 

Mrs Strouthopoulos begins story-writing unit with kindersCore Academic Grants
Open for applications in the first quarter of the year for implementation the following summer or school year, D.E.F. “Core Grants” support programs, materials and technology that cultivate life-changing learning opportunities for pre-K through Grade 12 students of Durango School District 9-R. We enthusiastically encourage fresh ideas and serious efforts to promote excellence in the classrooms and programs that serve the students in our district.
Please take the time to understand the criteria and follow the instructions before submitting your application. 
We welcome inquiries from all 9-R educators throughout the year. 

Image right: Sarah Strouthopoulos begins Lucy Calkins story-writing unit with kindergartners.

Michael Crane Memorial Arts Education GrantsSTudent painter
This fund supports education in the visual and performing arts. Applications are taken throughout the school year and are awarded depending on the availability of funds. Typically, this fund supports such elements as materials, supplies, visiting artist stipends, and equipment.

Image right: DHS student puts final touches on painting, under direction of visiting artist.

Bumfuzzlers_winningStudent Academic Competition Grants
This fund offers grants to help academic activity groups build their competition capacity and assist in the cost of academic team travel to regional, national and international competition. Applications are taken throughout the academic year and are awarded depending on the availability of funds.
Apply by the first of the month for a decision by the end of that month.

Image right: Riverview Destination Imagination team celebrates good placing in 2015 global competition.

Ms Toppin kids appleGretchen’s Classroom Projects Grants
Established to honor lifelong educator Gretchen Wilson, this fund offers modest grants to teachers to help defray the costs of classroom projects not otherwise covered by the school budget. Applications are taken throughout the academic year and are awarded depending on the availability of funds.
Apply by the first of the month for a decision by the end of that month. See Gretchen’s Classroom Projects Grants Application Information.

Image right: Kristen Toppin introduces Florida Mesa science club students to the concept of displacement.

Important Notes:
Technology grants: Prior to submitting any technology application (hardware or software) please discuss your intentions with the 9-R Technology Department.
Consider the following factors:
  • It is important to understand the support and/or replacement options for your requested devices; DEF discourages requests for devices with short life expectancies and no replacement or repair plans.
  • Limited web access in some schools may require adapting your grant idea.
  • The Tech department may have better buying power through group purchasing or be aware of possible whole-district software licensing opportunities.
  • The Tech department may also be able to supply your request through current 9-R inventory.
  • DEF uses resources wisely, so we request that potential applicants first make a diligent effort to locate desired devices (or acceptable substitutes) that might be stored unused at another school.
Fairness in distribution: Grants are awarded on their merits; however, D.E.F. does try to balance funding somewhat between the schools.
Repeat Funding: It is rare for D.E.F. to repeat funding for the same curriculum program, item, license or materials after the 2nd or 3rd year; by then, the program should be considered valuable enough to be included in the regular budget. Previous grantees are welcome to apply for grants for new elements in their classroom or program.