D.E.F. administers a variety of scholarships which are open to Durango High School and Durango Big Picture High School seniors only (with exceptions noted only in Brinton and MMRAC criteria). Applications are will open for 2018 awards on January 1, 2018.


The deadline to apply is February 1. No exceptions. Notification of recipients will be made within four weeks of deadline. 


? We ask that applicants thoughtfully review the criteria for each scholarship and apply only as appropriate. Applicants should use their essays to address the unique criteria of each offering.


FAQs for all scholarships: 
Photocopied transcripts are acceptable, provided that student’s name appears within the original print of the copy (not typed in separately). Evidence of tampering will be reason to refuse application.


Recommendation letters should be included within the application packet. Ideally, they will address the applicant’s qualifications that are specifically relevant to the scholarship in question. Evidence of tampering will be reason to refuse application.


Compile separate documents in one application envelope. We do not accept partial applications and we will not compile materials received separately.


Unless noted otherwise specifically, scholarships are not renewable.


  • Fasten or enclose your application in a binder or folder
  • Staple your documents together.
  • Include a photograph.


Contact DEF directly at 9RFoundation@gmail.com or (970) 385-1491 if you have questions about your qualifications.
Scholarship Offerings:
Mary Ruth Bowman Boy’s Swimming Scholarship ($1,200)
Brinton Family Girl’s Swimming Scholarship (open also to Animas High School students) ($1,000)
Tom and Ann Hartney Scholarship ($1,000)
MMRAC Scholarship ($1,000, renewable for second year, school exception with DEF/donor approval)
Newbold Family Scholarship I ($2,000)
Newbold Family Scholarship II ($2,000)
Elizabeth Testa School Board Scholarship ($2,500)  Deadline Extension: February 8, 2018 at 5PM
Sachs Construction LLC ($1,000)
Zink Family Scholarship ($2,000)
Always 100% Effort – Joe Burtoni Scholarship ($1,000)
Martin family “Paving a Pathway” Scholarship ($ TBD)





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