9-R Employee Appreciation Drive-in Movie Event

When this pandemic began, teachers were given little notice to shift very quickly to distance learning, sometimes with little or no training. Our 9-R educators had to reinvent lessons for an already planned curriculum, learn new technologies, find non-technology solutions to student learning, and figure out how to keep students engaged.

How do we even begin to show our gratitude and appreciation for everything our 9-R educators and staff do? Usually, DEF hosts an annual Employee Appreciation Event at the end of the year, but this year we were unable to do so. This year, we’re hoping to give 9-R staff a little relief and treat them to a drive-in movie in partnership with Durango entrepreneurs, John Oaks and Al Harper.

We are reaching out to our community for donations to help us show our appreciation through a 9-R Employee Appreciation Drive-in Move event. Every bit helps during this time!