Welcome to the first step in completing a DEF Grant Application!

The purpose of Letter of Inquiry (LOI) is to provide a short summary of your proposed grant, so the DEF Committee may evaluate if your idea is appropriate for us to consider. This will save you fruitless work and is required for each grant intended to be submitted. You will be contacted via phone or email with an invitation to apply. Yes, you may apply for more than one grant.

DEF Executive Director, Diana Cruz, will contact you to discuss your proposed grant. Diana will help guide you through the entire grant process, and will provide answers, input, as well as, suggestions for revision. If you have any questions beforehand, please feel free to contact Diana at (970) 385-1491 or 9RFoundationGrants@gmail.com.

Budget: For assistance with budget details, please contact the 9-R Grant Specialist: 970-247-5411 ext. 1416

Technology Requests: Check with 9-R Technology Department to review standards lists, connectivity, wi-fi capacity, installation, devices not specified in standards, etc. 9-R Technology Department phone: 970-375-3807 or 970-247-5411 ext. 1449.