What this fund supports: 
This fund provides money for materials, visiting artist/musician stipends, equipment and other supplies supporting education in the visual and performing arts. Applications are awarded depending on the availability of funds. 


Arts education grants are considered every month during the school year. Submit by the 1st of the month to be considered that month. Notification is usually within 3 weeks of application.


Step 1: Inquiry
Every D.E.F. grant begins with an inquiry to D.E.F. to discuss whether your idea/program is a fit with D.E.F. priorities. Review the Michael Crane Memorial Arts Education Grants Criteria, then contact D.E.F. at 970-385-1491 9RFoundation@gmail.com. D.E.F. will not consider a grant request without a preliminary inquiry.


Step 2: Documents
A. D.E.F. application cover sheet. 
NOTE: Help us identify your grant by giving it a unique name that describes your program, project or need. Rather than a generic “DEF Grant,” please be specific. Examples: “Yearbook Cameras,” “Visiting Artist,” “Noteflight License.” This is especially important when you are applying for more than one grant within 1 school year.


B. Narrative: Explain your request in 1 page maximum.
Include rationale, supporting research or anecdotal evidence if applicable, number and grade level(s) of students served, desired/expected outcome, and any collaborative efforts. Include information about alternative funding sources, if D.E.F. does not fund the entire request.


C. Budget: Include all costs to complete the grant.
Include written quotations for items costing more than $300. Include other revenue sources, with amounts and status (i.e. funded, applied for, etc.).


D. Other documents: If other documents are required for 9-R district review, please provide those as well.


Step 3: Submit your grant.


Durango 9-R applicants submit grants through the 9-R portal at http://finance.durangoschools.org/grants-gifts-and-donations. This will ensure that all departments are aware of and prepared to support the requirements of the grant. Follow the instructions from Durango 9-R about discussing budget needs ahead of submittal with 9-R Finance Department. Contact Marty Kay Hutton with questions about accessing this portal: 970-247-5411, ext. 1429.


Applicants from outside of Durango 9-R: Submit directly to DEF either electronically or on paper. DEF will submit the application through the 9-R portal if that is necessary. Use of a 9-R facility or incorporation in a 9-R program will require evidence of building supervisor’s approval.


Step 4: Confirm with us that you’ve sent it! 
Sometimes the best plans… and technology… can go awry, and we don’t receive notification that grants have been entered into the 9-R system. Please let us know directly at 9RFoundation@gmail.com that you have submitted a grant, whether it’s through the 9-R portal or directly to DEF.


Good luck! We look forward to working with you.