A brief Letter of Inquiry (LOI) to the Durango Education Foundation is required prior to completing a full grant application. Submit your LOI as early as possible to allow for sufficient time to be reviewed. LOIs can be submitted at any time. Please note specific cycle dates. The DEF Executive Director will contact you after your LOI has been reviewed. If your proposal appears to be a good match, we will invite you to submit a full grant application.
Read through the Universal Grant Application Instructions carefully. For 9-R employees, please be sure to obtain necessary permissions, and don’t forget to complete the 9-R Internal Grant Process for departmental review. For Outside Organizations, please remember that you are required to have a 9-R employee sponsor your grant. Electronic, interdepartmental mail, and in-person submissions accepted. Contact the Executive Director for questions and help.
DEF requires a post-grant evaluation for all awarded grants that must be received within 6 months of implementation.  Applicants will indicate a preference for a fall or spring evaluation deadline; allow time for meaningful results when determining which evaluation date is most appropriate for you. Evaluations are due either: Spring: Monday before 9-R Spring Break OR Fall: Monday before 9-R Thanksgiving Break