LSmith BOC2Since 1984, DEF has made children’s education our only priority.


DEF has been here for Durango School District 9-R teachers and students in the best of times, and in the toughest.


Like now.


  • 9-R operates with $4 million less per year than in 2009–that is about $1000 less per student per year.
  • In education funding, Colorado is ranked 40th out of 50 states.
  • In per pupil funding, 9-R is ranked 145th out of 178 Colorado school districts.
  • State-mandated reforms without revenue offsets impose financial burdens for infrastructure and equipment.


    IMG_1044 - CropMeanwhile… Durango 9-R prepares our children to succeed in the 21st century.
    Our children must be ready to go forward as young adults equipped with the knowledge, appetite for learning, adaptability, and character to thrive in world where change is the norm.


    Meanwhile… Durango 9-R stretches its dollars further to serve a multi-ethnic, rural population.
    Compared to an urban district, Durango 9-R must serve a broader range of demographic constituencies stretched across a wider geographic landscape.


    Meanwhile… Durango 9-R honors its obligation to the community.
    We all agree that good schools, adequately funded, attract people, businesses and investments to the community, enhancing the economic well-being of everyone.


    DEF is committed to helping Durango School District 9-R meet these challenges for our children, because a robust education system brings economic, ethical, and cultural health to the entire community, and to our society as a whole.


    That is the “why” of DEF.