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Do your holiday shopping at our online auction.

We are offering new artwork by local artists and previously enjoyed pieces donated by the DEF directors and staff. The auction starts 11/18 and will run through December 14.
There are three ways to preview the pieces:
Proceeds will benefit the Michael Crane Memorial Arts Education Fund, DEF's earmarked fund to promote visual and performing arts in Durango School District 9-R.

DEF goes beyond the basics...

DEF develops resources to promote educational achievement, innovation and excellence for the students and teachers in Durango School District 9-R.

Actions and Impacts:


Grants: DEF helps Durango 9-R educators to implement their innovative ideas.

In 2014-15, DEF grants enhanced the education of 80% of Durango 9-R students. Read about the grants we're funding for 2015-16 on our Grants page.

Scholarships: DEF administers scholarships.

In May, 2015, DEF awarded $49,000 in new and renewed scholarships to Durango seniors and alumni. Meet some of our 2015 recipients on our Scholarships page

Recognition: DEF recognizes inspiring educators. 

275 nominators recommended 126 educators for the 2015 Outstanding Teachers and Outstanding Staff Members awards. See the list, and read about the 8 award recipients on our "9-R Stars" page.

Advocacy: DEF understands and articulates the issues facing public educators today. 


Engagement: DEF listens to educators' concerns and works for creative solutions to today's education challenges. 

DEF is currently developing a program to bring the expertise of others into the classrooms. Not that our teachers aren't expert themselves--but given the opportunity to have a nuclear engineer discuss energy with high school physics students, or a practicing artist bring her experience to aspiring art students, or a writer talk about a deeper way to appreciate literature for 7th graders reading the classics? The list goes on. And so do the opportunities.
We are offering two channels for engagement:
Community Professionals: If you are eager to lend your expertise to a 9-R classroom or program, please let us know at 9RFoundation@gmail.com or (970) 385-1491. 
Teachers: You can help us shape this program to provide you with the greatest help in the most efficient way. Please take our survey, linked here to Survey Monkey. 

Resource Development: DEF fund-raises to support our mission.

This fall, Alpine Bank's Community Matching Fund awarded D.E.F. a grant for underwriting through KSUT Public Radio. Thank you, Beth Drum and the Alpine Bank committee, for helping our publicity dollars go further, in support of our fall fundraising campaign.
Between June 1, 2014 and September 30, 2015, more than 400 businesses, foundations, and individuals gave their support to Durango School District 9-R through contributions and in-kind donations to D.E.F. The Durango community demonstrates their confidence in our work.
46 sponsors and 18 teams "linked up" for education at DEF's 22nd annual Tom Hartney Golf Tournament, May 15.

Our work is made possible by the contributions of many.


We thank the enormous community of supporters

who have joined with us to give vitally needed help to the educators and students of Durango School District 9-R. 
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