• Durango High School students take a break. . .energetically

    Photo by student Marlo Olivas, with digital SLR camera funded by D.E.F.

  • Technology fosters independent learning

  • Students use technology every day

    But sharing limits individualized learning and keyboard practice.

  • Interactive digital libraries give immediate feedback

    9-R elementary schools have been able to purchase only a portion of desired e-books

  • Libraries are still learning places

    Book collections require regular updating.

  • Books like these are important teaching tools

    "Old-fashioned books" are valuable. Our libraries need more.

  • Kindergartners learn "los colores" using SMART technology

    Kinder Morgan matched a DEF grant to provide 4 new SMARTboards. All of our schools need them.

  • Lego Robotics goes to high school

    Innovative STEM curriculum like this Durango High School program demands funding.

  • Learning science and math with cameras

    Making art smart: Durango High School students translate aperture and shutter speed into academic skills.

  • ... and art

    D.E.F.-funded cameras allowed any student to participate in the course without needing to provide his or her own camera.

  • Jazz Ensemble practices at dawn

    Music study leads to better learning overall, but Durango 9-R needs more instruments.

  • Consumable supplies are in every classroom

    Art blends with reading to allow imaginations to roam freely.

  • But supply budgets have been cut

    Here, students use art to illustrate puns.

  • First grade scientists experiment with volume and displacement

    Teachers create lab experiments from found materials since consumable budgets have been drastically reduced.

  • 5th grade science experiment underway

    Impossible without supplies!

  • School buses are key to participation

    More transportation dollars would mean more students able to join after-school learning and enrichment programs, and more field trips for all students.

Achievement… D.E.F. raises almost $120,000 in the C.A.F.E. campaign, awards more than $60,000 in additional grants, administers $18,500 in scholarships–all for the benefit of Durango School District 9-R classrooms and students


Innovation… D.E.F. nominates programs that demonstrate original thinking and ground-breaking approaches for the prestigious Bank of Colorado Award for Innovation


Excellence… D.E.F. recognizes Durango 9-R educators for their dedication to the highest practices in education with the Outstanding Teachers and Outstanding Staff Members awards–seven are chosen, and all 147 nominees are noted as “9-R Stars”


The Durango Education Foundation promotes these attributes, and we live them. Thank you to everyone who joined with us to support the dedicated educators and students of Durango School District 9-R this year. 


It’s been a grand school year, and we’re not stopping here. Watch for news about the Durango 9-R Alumni Relations program, starting up soon. Back to School will be here in a heartbeat, too, and we’ll be off and running again. Meanwhile… 


Enjoy your summer!