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DEF develops resources to promote achievement, innovation, and excellence throughout Durango School District 9-R.
Grants: In 2016, DEF has awarded almost $102,000 in grants to educators. 
Scholarships: Apply now for 2017 awards--we have lots of them!
Recognition: DEF recognizes inspiring educators.
Advocacy: DEF understands and articulates the issues facing public educators today. 
Engagement: DEF connects the community and educators to find creative solutions to today's education challenges. 
Resource Development: DEF funds our programs through several revenue streams. The most important is individual donations. Schedule a year-end donation for December 6 through ColoradoGives, and your gift will go further by being part of a million dollar match. You can set it up ahead. Click here or on the ColoradoGives button on this page. Thank you. 
Our work is made possible by the generosity of many. Will you help us, too?


D.E.F. News Briefs

Durango High School now has an Alumni Association
A strong collaboration between Durango School District 9-R, DHS itself, DEF, and a group of dedicated volunteers has joined forces to launch the new Durango High School Alumni Association. Its mission is far more than a reunion connector; the organizers hope that association members will help young alumni with post-secondary school and career transitions, offer professional expertise to DHS teachers, and recognize alumni who are making a positive mark on the world and students who embody the DHS values of .
First order of business: Develop membership. We encourage all DHS alumni to register on the DHS Alumni Directory page to connect with friends and get the Association's news. Next: The Association is raising money for a Distinguished Alumni Award and an award (to be named) for an outstanding student. You can donate to this cause on the DEF giving page--just note your intention for the gift in the Comments field box at the bottom of the page.
Matlock Furniture 2016 promotions gathered more than $11,000 
Customers at Matlock Furniture gave and got in one transaction this year, in spring and fall promotions at the store. Donating to DEF earned them between 15-25% off their orders--and DEF gained generous support for the foundation's classroom grants program. We are so grateful for the generosity of the Matlocks and their clients!
Durango Mall gives for books
Durango Mall stores all participated in the mall's Back to School event this summer to raise awareness of Durango 9-R classroom needs. Their efforts resulted in a generous donation from Durango Mall owners to support primary book programs. We thank all participants for this loyal support!
Connect in the classroom: Become a D.E.F. Fellow!
Today’s educators are expected to cover a daunting breadth of topics, so they welcome volunteers with focused expertise to provide classroom or program enrichment. The Durango Education Foundation Fellows program connects Durango School District 9-R educators with community members willing to share knowledge and time with students. Would you be one of them? Visit www.def-fellows.org and register to be a Fellow today.
    Photos this page courtesy of Durango School District 9-R, Durango High School art students, Sunnyside Elementary yearbook staff (5th graders), and D.E.F.