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As 9-R prepares our students to meet the six competencies of the Portrait of the Graduate, DEF is raising funds to promote STEM education by challenging the community and our regional donors to help us raise $50,000 for coding and makerspace equipment for all 9-R schools. By fostering coding programs and makerspaces at 9-R, we are giving our students a chance to develop the skills and dispositions that relate to many career fields now and in the future. STEM education promotes innovation and progress, global competitiveness, problem-solving skills, and encourages the inclusion of ideas and perspectives.


The campaign is recognizing the importance of providing students with hands-on experiences in coding, computer science, and engineering. Here are some specific reasons why each of these materials would be valuable:

  • Lego Education Spike Prime Sets, Dash and Dot Robots, Ozobots, and Sphero Robots: are programmable robots and projects that help students learn coding and robotics skills through hands-on experimentation. These robots teach skills from basic coding concepts to advanced robotics and automation principles.

  • 3D Printers: can be used to create prototypes and models for various projects, including engineering design challenges. 3D printers are becoming increasingly common in engineering and manufacturing industries, and students who learn to use them will be better prepared for future careers.

  • Glow forge or X-tools: powerful tools for making precision cuts in a wide range of materials. These tools can be used to creating anything from wooden puzzles and models to custom jewelry and artwork.

  • Soldering Kits: useful for teaching students basic electronics and circuits. Soldering is a valuable skill for anyone interested in electronics or engineering.

  • Arduino Sets: provides students with a versatile and affordable platform for building and programming a wide range of projects, such as, basic electronics to advanced robotics.

  • Computer Science Curriculum (Codealicious) and Software: are essential for any school looking to teach students coding, programming, and computer science. The programs prepare students for careers in technology, engineering, and more.

Thank you to our sponsors and donors!

Join us at the 9-R School Board meeting on
August 29th at 5:30p.m.
to celebrate our Coding and Makerspace initiative!

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