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Scholarship Overview

DECEMBER 6, 2023 – MARCH 6, 2024


The online application is designed to allow you to apply for multiple scholarships in one application submission. Use the following instructions to learn how to merge required documents into one file for each scholarship, and complete the online form correctly.


Read through each scholarship criteria you intend to apply for to ensure you are eligible and have all the materials needed for a complete application.

Organize your materials and create one PDF file for each scholarship. 

Important: Please Read Carefully!!

  • You will submit ALL scholarship applications in ONE submission.  Meaning you will need to upload one file for each scholarship you intend to apply for into the online application platform when prompted.

    • For example, the Elizabeth Testa Memorial Scholarship file will contain your transcript, letter of recommendation, and letter of interest as a single pdf

  • Please click the button below to view an article on different methods of combining files into one PDF.  You may also google “how to combine multiple files into one PDF” to view tutorial videos and other online resources.

  • When you save your file(s), please name each document using the following format:  Your first and last name_Scholarship Name.

    • For example,  Diana Cruz_ElizabethTestaScholarship.

  • Be prepared to fill out the application at one time, as there is no option to save one's work and continue later. 

Complete the online application for ALL scholarships you intend to apply for. You will upload all scholarship application files at once in the online application platform.

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