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Scholarship Overview




Application Cycle: January 11, 2024-March 11, 2024
Deadline to Submit: March 11, 2024 @ 5PM MST
Award Amount: $1,000 to student’s choice school, inclusive of a Trade School/Vocational School, 4-year Bachelor programs, and 2-year Associate programs
Selection: Recipients will be selected by the DEF Scholarship Committee, in conjunction with the Burtoni Family


To be eligible, student must:

-An all-around/well-rounded graduating senior from Durango High School, Animas High School or Big Picture High School

-Burtoni family welcomes all applicants who have above a 2.5 GPA. GPA will be looked at but not highly considered. The goal is to support a student who always gives 100% effort and wants to find success in their future goals

-Totally committed to an activity in which the student is involved; must be able to showcase how student is a hard worker (in sports, school, out-of-school activity and/or job); and continuously striving to improve self

-Planning to attend a Trade School/Vocational School, 2-year college, or 4-year college or university 

-Individual determination to succeed
-Future goals and future career path and plans to achieve them
-The activity or activities in which you have been involved and a description of your efforts in support of the activity or activities



2) Academic Transcript
3) TWO Letters of Recommendation from the following:

- #1: A person associated with an activity in which you have been involved, explaining how you always do YOUR best
- #2: A teacher, supervisor, coach/activity sponsor or counselor, explaining how you always do YOUR best

4) #1 College and Career Essay: What are your education and career goals? What makes you passionate about this future path? What have you done, so far, to pursue these future goals? What will you be doing 1 and 5 years after college graduation? (600 words maximum) 

#3 Always 100% Effort Joe Burtoni Scholarship Essay: Explain how you always do YOUR best and give 100% effort. (250 words maximum)

Have questions? Contact Wendy Allsbrook Javier at

970-769-7600 or

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