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Scholarship Overview

Applying for DEF Scholarships

1) Using the "SCHOLARSHIPS" button to the left, read through the information on each scholarship and determine which ones you're eligible to apply for.

2) Save or print this pdf of the entire scholarship application LINKED HERE.

and assemble the following:

  • Requested Information

  • Essays (in a Google or Word doc)

  • Letters of recommendation (in pdf form)

  • Academic Transcript  (unofficial is fine--in pdf form)

  • Financial Information

  • If applying for DLM, 1) FAFSA Confirmation Email and 2) first two pages of both the 2021 & 2022 Tax Returns (in pdf form).

3) Make sure that you NEVER type your essays directly into the Scholarship Application Google Form.  Please write all essay ahead of time on a Google or Word doc, save them in a separate document, and cut and paste them into the scholarship application form in case your computer glitches and eats your work.

3) When you have everything together, sit down and hit the "APPLY" button below and complete the application by answering the questions and uploading the requested pdf documents.

4) After carefully reviewing your application, hit submit BY THE DEADLINE OF MONDAY, MARCH 11, 2024 AT 5PM and pat yourself on the back for getting the work done! 

5) Call or email me, Wendy Allsbrook Javier, at 970-769-7600 or to confirm that I've received your submission.

Please click the link below if you have completed all of the above steps and are ready to start your application.​​

Have questions? Contact Wendy Allsbrook Javier at

970-769-7600 or

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