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Scholarship Overview

NOVEMBER 15, 2021 – FEBRUARY 15, 2022

*Deadline Extended  to February 28*



For a senior graduating from Durango High School or Big Picture High School

Amount: $10,000 (renewable up to 3 additional years) to cover tuition, fees, and books. At the donor’s discretion, remaining funding within this maximum may be applied to on-campus housing and/or board or other needs. The scholarship will be paid directly to the financial office of the recipient’s chosen school.


Award Criteria:

-Recipient must enroll in a 4-year public college or university in Colorado

-Recipient must intend to enter one of these fields: STEM areas (science, technology, engineering, math), medical, business or education

-Student should demonstrate character, focus and dedication to pursuing higher education, with strong commitment to specific career goals.

-Financial need will be an important consideration. GPA is not necessarily the deciding factor in the award.



-Cover sheet with contact information including applicant’s name, postal address, e-mail address (if available) and phone number. State name of scholarship being requested. Certify that you are not related to any member of the Foundation board or to any member of the David and Lynn Mitzlaff family. See for board names.

-Be prepared to graduate in good academic and behavioral standing.

Current transcript and senior fall mid-term grades showing a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5. Complete senior transcripts may be required before award is funded to college.

-Statement of financial need plus either a copy of applicant’s FAFSA or a copy of parents’ previous two IRS income tax returns; emancipated minors provide their own. Statement of need should include family’s intended support contribution, student’s work plans, other scholarships awarded, and other evidence of proper planning for college financial needs. All financial and other application information is held in strict confidence by the D.E.F. Scholarship Committee.

-Submit typewritten essay (1000 words maximum) including answers to these prompts:

-Describe your planned area of study and why you made this choice.

-Identify specific goals for the future: What do you envision you’ll be doing one year and five years after college graduation?

-How will the college education enable you to achieve these goals?

-Two letters of recommendation from teachers/staff working directly with applicant in high school. Letters should address the student’s accomplishments in high school and potential for future success.

-One additional letter from an unrelated person in another organization (employer, church, scouts, 4-H, etc); this letter should address such qualities developed in extra-curricular activities as leadership, curiosity, self-motivation, character, perseverance, etc.


Selection Process: Recipient will be selected by the DEF Scholarship committee in conjunction with the Donor Family.

Finalists will be interviewed before final decision.


The scholarship is renewable for up to three (3) more years on an annual basis. To renew:

-The student is required to personally contact the Mitzlaff family by phone at least once per semester with updates regarding school and general college experience;

-By March 1st of the following year, the student must submit grades for all previous terms (semesters or quarters) showing a GPA of 2.5 or better in each term, plus a 500 word (maximum) essay discussing the student’s progress in college.

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