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Scholarship Overview

NOVEMBER 15, 2021 – FEBRUARY 15, 2022

*Deadline Extended  to February 28*



Two scholarships will be made available and awarded upon donor approval.

Application Cycle: November 15 – February 15
Deadline to Submit: February 15 by 11:59 PM
Award Amount: $2,000 to Fort Lewis College or local vocational school of recipient’s choice. The scholarship can be applied to tuition, books, and materials required for the subject of study. Payment will be made directly to Fort Lewis College or the student’s choice local vocational school.
Selection: Recipients will be selected by the DEF Scholarship Committee, in conjunction with the Newbold Family. An interview may be required of finalists.


-Students must attend Durango High School, Big Picture High School, or DeNier Center, prepared to graduate in good academic and behavioral standing;

-Four-year cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above. Please note: GPA is not the sole determinant of the award;

-Recipient will be planning to pursue post-secondary vocation at a local vocational institution or academic education at Fort Lewis College;

-Recipient may pursue any field of study;

-Student should demonstrate character, focus, and dedication to pursuing further education.


Applications are by electronic submission only via the link provided. If you do not have access to a computer, please inform your High School Counselor, Trio Counselor, or Educator. To ensure a complete application, please carefully read through the details below. 

A complete application will include:
-All student information (i.e. name, contact information, GPA, intended colleges, etc)
-Current transcript including senior year mid-term grades showing a sustained 4-year cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above.  Please note: a complete senior transcript showing sustained GPA may be required before award is remitted to Fort Lewis College or local Vocational School
-Letter of Interest (500-word maximum), stating the following:

-Reason for applying for this scholarship, including financial need
-Proposed area of college or vocational study, and reasons for this choice
-Your education and career goals for the next five (5) years and how this scholarship will help you achieve them
-Why this particular career or educational field appeals to you?
-How long you have been interested in it? Why?
-What have you done to date to pursue this interest?
-What will you do with the knowledge this scholarship will help you attain?

-Two (2) Letters of Recommendation (LORs) from teachers who have worked closely with you during high school

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